The members of the Swing Band The Airlettes

A crew of three girls, among them two Geminis, can this work out? A definite "Yes" - the libra makes it work!

On board the assignment of tasks is very well balanced. Everyone takes care of everything and if some work remains it will be split. And still some responsibilities have been defined: 


Our blonde stewardess Paulina represents the Berlin/Brandenburg headquarters and manages the finances. Her East German roots prove effective ‘cause when the other two grab for their wallets, she mostly finds a way to avoid unnecessary spendings.  


Paulina Plucinski - Sängerin - The Airlettes
Paulina Plucinski

 Madeleine, the cute Swabian, of course fully supports this and is also in charge of time management.

Whereas the other two ladies like to take more time than there is, she always makes sure the plane can take off in time and especially “with” the Airlettes on board.  


Madeleine Haipt - Sängerin - The Airlettes
Madeleine Haipt

Our charming Austrian Stefanie represents… Switzerland. If there is disagreement, she remains neutral, stays calm and finds a way for an open discussion.

She also takes care of our physical well-being because you can’t do good work on an empty stomach.


Stefanie Bruckner - Sängerin - The Airlettes
Stefanie Bruckner

What would our airline be without pilots? Thanks to them, all technical equipment is always plugged in correctly, so the sound always comes directly from the turbines.


 Even though our pilot Christoph has to share the cockpit with a grand piano, we always reach the ground safely due to his virtuoso finger play on the control instruments. 

If there’s even the slightest danger of a crash landing,

he immediately takes vigorous action and pulls the music machine back up and into a steep climb with his jazzy triplets. Christoph not only has boogie in his fingers, but also bumblebees under his piano stool - once he sends his hot samba improvisations across the musical sky, 

remaining seated becomes impossible for the even most comfortable of audiences.


Christoph Spangenberg - Pianist - The Airlettes
Christoph Spangenberg

Our Hanoverian Julian can only start his engines

after  2 or 20 cappuccini and once he’s on

he keeps us happy and well entertained backstage with his legendary forest animal jokes.  

So you better hand him an aromatic arabica blend in a tactful way, because that’s exactly what makes him go off like a bat out of hell. However, he’s not only got caffeine, but most and foremost rhythm in his blood:

Julian is our ‘Hanoverian espresso macchiato deluxe’ amongst the filter coffee-drinking North German drummers. Without him there would be no musical awakening on our stage.

Julian Külpmann - Schlagzeuger - The Airlettes
Julian Külpmann

The truest jetsetter of the troop is our Sebastian Gieck.

His bass guitar strings reach from Munich to Berlin. When he’s not busy smoothing out our runway with his

melodious bass, or engaged as a ‘tech gieck’ for accurate wiring on board, he’s sitting - armed with a laptop- in the studio or on the train and is responsible for fine-

tuning our black box so that the recorded sounds of a short-distance concert with us

are also available to you for long distance living room sessions at your house.

Sebastian Gieck - Bassist - The Airlettes
Sebastian Gieck